What you do not know about Medigap – Medicare supplement plans can cost you

As an independent broker that specialize in senior insurance and Medigap – Medicare Supplement Insurance, I see daily how important accurate information is. Making an informed decision depends entirely on knowing and understanding your options.

Many of my clients have told me that their search for information has led to an avalanche of phone calls and e-mails from dozens of insurance agents that have left them frustrated and even more confused. This can become very overwhelming that they simply give up and miss the opportunity to learn about an option that could improve their situation and save them money.

Fact 1: There are marketing companies that will sell your information.

When you search for information online or fill out a form to win a prize, you can enter your personal information in a lead service. They will sell your information to numerous agents who contact them to provide them with the names and contact information of individuals who need information about Medigap Medicare supplement plans. This where the avalanche starts!

You can avoid this by always ensuring that you are on a legitimate, licensed broker’s website. There should be a toll free phone number for you and an email address for you to contact them.

If you are asked to provide all your personal information in order to receive an offer, you may be in the wrong place.

Fact 2: Although the cost of your Medigap – Medicare Supplement Plan can vary from company to company, the benefits are exactly the same.  get a plan at https://www.medicaresupplementplans2019.com

There are currently 10 standardized Medicare Supplement plans. They include PLANS A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N. The benefits in each of these plans are approved by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). All insurance companies offering Medicare Supplement insurance plans must meet the approved benefits for the plans they are offering.

Although the benefits in each of the different plans are the same, no matter which company offers the plan, there are big differences in the prices of plans from company to company.

Knowing this and taking the time to compare prices can save you 30% or more on your Medicare supplement. A few minutes can really save you money.


Fact 3: You are NOT included in your Medigap – Medicare Supplement Plan until open registration.

Medicare Supplement Plans are not subject to annual filing deadlines. You can change the plans at any time of the year.

Knowing this fact, you can compare your plan options at any time and switch to another plan or company. If you find that you can get the same plan from another company for a better price, you can switch right away and start saving.

Fact 4: You are included in your Part D-Plan until open registration.

Part D Medicare Prescription Plans (PDP) are Medicare Approved plans offered by private insurance companies.

They vary in terms of monthly premium, deductible and co-pay. Every plan has a unique formula. A form is a list of medicines that the plan covers and where the specific drug falls on the tier of the plans co-pay.


Top Five places for retirees

Living a carefree and a relaxed life is what we all want to do after retirement. We want to be away from the hustling and tiring life and enjoy our free time somewhere quiet and peaceful. The top places around the world where people can live a better life after retirement are countless, these are places where a person can invest soundly, retire comfortably and follow their dreams after retirement.


Before heading out abroad, make sure you have adequate health insurance. aarp medicare advantage plan may be for you.  Visit https://www.medicareadvantage2019.org/aarp-medicare-advantage-plans-2019/

Abruzzo, Italy

Abruzzo is a picture-perfect place to retire with moderate weather in southern Italy. This beautiful and lush green place has a lot to offer at very low cost. It’s a quiet and a peaceful place to live. Abruzzo has extremely fresh and locally produced ingredients for cooking all available within a few miles. Above all, food in Abruzzo is super affordable whether you eat at home or dine out both ways are incredibly cheap.

Portugal’s Algarve region

Algarve region is one of the best places to retire in the world. It’s located at Europe’s westernmost tip. Algarve region has the best beaches and golf courses of Europe, people are very friendly and this place has a low cost of living which is 30% lower than in any other European country. Fishing and other activities are highly popular here and it has the best weather for all sorts of activities.

Valletta, Malta

The second-best place to retire can be Valletta, Malta. If you want to experience the perfect Mediterranean life-style than it is a great choice for you. It is considered a perfect place for investment and retirement. It is a small place but good opportunities for investment, cost is living is quite inexpensive as compared to other European countries. Wine production is very popular here, there are beautiful vines hanging with grapes everywhere. Malta has a favorable weather and food to offer with cheap places to live which makes it an ideal place to retire and live peacefully.

Mazatlán, Mexico

Mazatlán is located about halfway along Mexico’s Pacific coast. It has been ignored and underestimated for many years but now it is making a comeback as more people are choosing to travel and live here. It is a popular choice for many expats. The city’s historic centre is the main attraction along with the beautiful and uncrowded beaches.

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Saint-Chinian, France

This beautiful little town of about 2,000 residents is located on the shores of Mediterranean. It should be your top choice if you are looking for perfect weather, sapphire skies, outdoor experiences, fresh foods along with history, culture and amazing country side.

Saint- Chinian is a small, little town with good quality food and a lot to see in terms of art, history, and culture. It has some busy market areas famous among people visiting from all around the region to get locally grown produce. This place has everything you ask for such as local produce sellers, restaurants, bars, hospitals. There is very little traffic and great health-care services here but if you are moving from U.S than you should have a medical insurance that covers you in foreign countries as well. Look up Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019 and choose the policy which covers you abroad as well.

After retirement, wherever you want to live depends on your personal choices and preferences. Most people want to live in a peaceful and beautiful small town that has everything to offer at low prices. These suggestions will help those people to choose a place to retire and relax after leaving working life.


The Security Medigap Gives You

It is especially helpful to have the ability to discover alternative ways of dealing with your own funds nowadays. The cost of everything is by almost always rising and it’s getting increasingly difficult to have a decent life. With all these gas prices on the rise and changes in tax regulations and many more, you may not even have time to attend to your health. Worse, numerous individuals walk around not understanding that they are so helpless against a possible financial arrest since they don’t have the insurance to deal with unforeseen occasions in their lives. Some may have good cash their hands, yet when a serious medical emergency strikes, it could all deplete out faster than it took you to make them.


If you can’t yet start to understand such a scenario, it’s great to take steps as soon as possible as Medicare supplemental health care coverage. These are plans that assurance you won’t need to spend any significant sum for healing facility bills since they would cover whatever your unique Medicare policy would not. In basic terms, it conquers any hindrance between your Medicare scope and the genuine sum you’re being charged. During circumstances such as the present when world economies are for the most part attempting to stay aware of each other, budgetary security is something a great many people can’t stand to ignore in light of the fact that it can actually be a lifesaver.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement

Almost the same with any insurance coverage you might plan to purchase, picking the correct Medicare supplemental plan will require you to know exactly what your choices are. Privately owned businesses are behind these twelve plans and offer them under normal classifications. For instance, as the plans are named A through L and each organization that offers this kind of insurance is to offer the very same benefits as other organizations for a certain quote. This implies what you get from this kind of insurance does not rely upon the organization but instead on the sort of Medigap policy, the standards for which are universal for all that offer it.

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In that way, you may think there is no competition among the providers, however there is. That is mostly because while the basic benefits offered will be the same for every one of them, every one will give extra advantages that will be their edge over the others. These advantages, which fluctuate from organization to organization, can be a great reason for figuring out which organization to go with. Additionally, there are different things you’ll need to investigate, for example, not having the capacity to guarantee your Medigap benefits when you have redesigned from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage. For this situation, you have to revert back to Original Medicare before your Medicare supplementary insurance can start.

What are Medicare Supplement plans?

Medicare Supplement plans is also sometimes referred to as Medigap plans. In some parts of the world the Medicare supplements plans are non-existent or in other words, there are no such legislations which have enabled the implementation of Medicare supplement plans for 2019 which can be found at https://www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2019/. This calls for the need describe what Medicare supplement plan is all about. Medicare supplement plans or medigap plans are basically a form of medical cover or insurance that comes in place to ensure that it pays for some of the expenses that may not be covered by the Original Medicare. In that case, you are now aware that Medicare supplement plans is here to ensure that it chips in whenever your hospital or private insurer cannot insure you more than what they have stated in the agreement. With that Medicare supplement plans makes sure that it pays for hospital and medical costs that may not be covered by Original Medicare.

medicare supplement plans in 2019Have you ever thought of buying a medical insurance cover before? If yes, then I believe that you are now in a position to understand the idea that Medicare supplement plan is all about covering those medical expenses that the private or government insurer does not wish to cover. This is one of the best thing in some countries because, beneficiaries are now in a position to make sure that they are covered or in other words, their medical expenses will be paid for from a pool of insurers. One insure may pay for inpatient services and outpatient services while other will set in to pay for copayments, coinsurance and other yearly deductibles.

With the presence of Medicare supplement plan, the part B of the Original Medicare which states that that other excess charges that a patient may accrue due to medical expenses will not be covered at all. This is where the need to have the Medicare supplement arises. With Medicare Supplement you are entitled to excess charges payments originating from the Original Medicare and you are also entitled to payments of overseas travel coverage. With that, despite the fact that Medicare supplement plans are not deeply rooted in some parts of Asia and Africa, some of the countries like Kenya have a National Health Insurance Fund that insurer civilians to a certain limit. Recently, there has been an entry of other private insurance willing to act as go-betweens. These are basically Medicare Supplements plans that are taking shape.

Medicare Supplement Plan D

There are 10 standardized Medigap plans which are also known as Medigap. The Medicare supplement plans are lettered from A-N and each plan covers specific medical issues. They cover the 20% not covered by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

Between the 10 plans Medicare supplement plan D seems to be in the middle of the coverage available. Each of the Medicare supplement plans will cover certain benefits. With Medicare supplement plan D it covers more than Plan A or Plan B, but does not cover as much as Medicare supplement plan C and Plan F. If one chooses Medicare supplement Plan D, they will find that the Medicare Part B deductible and Part B excess charges are not covered.

You ought not mistaken the Medicare supplement Plan D with Medicare Part D. Medicare Part D is a plan that will help with one’s prescription drugs only and secured through Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans.

Medicare supplement Plan D is a supplement plan to help cover the 20% medical expense not covered by Original Medicare.

Some of the benefits of Medicare supplement Plan D are Medicare Part B copayments or coinsured. Medicare Part A hospital coinsurance costs beyond the 365 days Medicare pays for are also covered, as well as, Medicare Part A hospice copayment or coinsurance. Other benefits include foreign health care upto 80%, first three pints of blood used in a medical procedure and coinsurance of a nursing home.

Excess charges are when a physician charges more than the amount Medicare approves and are allowed to charge 15% above the approved amount Medicare allows. Medicare supplement Plan D does not cover Medicare Part B deductibles or excess charges. These excess charges will be the responsibility of the recipient. Medicare supplement Plan D may not cover these excess charges but you will find that Medicare supplement plans F and G will take care of them. One must understand that not all issuance companies will include all Medicare supplement plans. They are obligated to offer Medicare supplement plan A. If they do offer other plans they will likely be Medicare supplement plans C or Plan F. The cost of the monthly premiums will definitely be different in the area you reside than someone who lives in another state.

It is best for a Medicare recipient to look into all the Medicare supplement plans to see what will be their medical needs and their budget.